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85% of patients are either unaware or unsure that participation in clinical trials is an option

Find the perfect clinical trial for your patient through ClinicalMatch

At ClinicalMatch, we strive to match physicians and patients to clinical trials that meet their needs and requirements. Our large database of clinical trials and patients is an ideal solution for clinical trial discovery and matching. The ClinicalMatch platform is built on advanced technology with data-driven intelligence that helps ensure the utmost in terms of patient matching. By registering and submitting your request for patient matching, you can begin taking advantage of these tools instantly.

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Efficient integration of innovative clinical research treatments into your practice

With ClinicalMatch, your time committment is minimal, you gain a new source of revenue, your patient care workflows remain uniterrupted and you are able to offer the latest cutting edge treatment options to your patients. No upfront cost, no extra staff and no infrastructure hassles. Just let us know which patients you would like matched, and ClinicalMatch takes care of the rest.

Engagement beyond recruitment

Patient recruitment is just the beginning of our journey with you. We remain engaged at all times, ensure timely reimburements and track the patient throughout the trial process -- keeping you updated about their status so that you can continue providing quality care in an informed and timely manner.

Ready to experience the difference the right platform, advanced technology, and an expert partner can make?